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I can't login, or I forgot password.
If you can't login, check to make sure that your "caps lock" key is off. If you still cannot login, Please go to the login page and use the forgot password option.
How can I delete my account?
We don't want to loose our user. If there anything you want to suggest us, Please contact us.
We keep all your data private and secure except the data you shared. you can delete shared post if you don't want to share those anymore.
How can I update my profile?
To update your profile, you must visit your profile page. Edit profile link
Can I login with Hippi account without password?
Yes you can log in Hippi account directly without a password by using same email address facebook or google account.
Is my information kept private?
Absolutely. We do not share any personally identifying information about you to any third party.

How can I deal with someone that is bothering me?
If someone is bothering or harassing you, blocking them is usually the best solution. Visit to his/her profile page and block.
How can I report spam or other inappropriate content?
You can report pornography or any other inappropriate content here by clicking the 'Report post' link at the top of each post.
Someone Is Pretending To Be Me - What Do I Do?
In This Situation, you can report about this on .
How can I report an error or other problem with the site?
To report an error or problem with the site, you can contact us (

Is this site free?
Yes Hippi is 100% Free.