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About us

Hippi s an interest-based social network. Here we try to bring the people together who share the same interests.

How is work?

1. Make your interest list on Hippi & we show trendings posts, people & groups based on your interest list.
So, you can meet people all around world who share same interest as you. Join group to discuss and share interesting things with valueable people.
2. Share, ask & discuss anything came into your mind.
On Hippi you can write any topic, create good quizzes, share images/videos and files, ask MCQ and start poll.
3. Personal online notebook
Write & save any topics/articles/blogs etc and make online quizzes/competitive exams on your Hippi account. Access your saved Hippi contents anytime anywhere.
4. Public and private groups
Create and join groups with people who share the same interests to make a better platform to discuss and share topics.